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Why does my dog fart so much?

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Why does my dog fart so much?

Why Does My Dog Fart So Much?Recently we received a funny email from one of our customers, it was titled “by the way…..good intel for your farty dog clients…” and it said:

“I have 2 Frenchies.  They used to be terrible farters, even on prescription, supposedly high quality food.  They’ve been on JFFD for about 2 months now and are FART FREE!! YAY! We can have company over again, LOL!  Just thought that might help you if you get that question.”

We do get this question a lot – why does my dog pas gas, or why does my dog poop so much.  The answer is usually a similar one for both.  Gas and increased fecal output is usually a sign of indigestion of some sort.  Thus, flatulence and increase fecal output may be signs that your dog is having trouble digesting his/her food.  Although there are also some disease that could cause these signs and those must be considered, many times, simply upgrading the diet to a more bioavailable, higher quality diet will resolve the gas and fecal volume problem.

Conversely, some of our clients also become very concerned at the reduced amount of feces produced after switching to our diets.  People say, “My dog used to poop three times a day – a lot, and now he only poops a small amount, once – where is it all going?”  We have to remind clients that dog poo is essentially “waste”.  It is the indigestible portion of the food.  Thus many times: the least poop, the better nutrition (provided the dog isn’t losing weight).Dr. Julie Stegemen, a board certified veterinarian in internal medicine explains the Dog Poo phenomenon in this weeks’ video:

Ask The Experts: Dr. Julie Stegemen, Why Does My Dog Fart So Much


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