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NAME: Wendy Galeana

TITLE(S): Veterinary Operations Manager

CAREER PROGRESSION: I found an interest in working with animals shortly after high school in 2006. I began my career as a kennel attendant but quickly realized that I wanted continue to learn and become a veterinary technician. I attended RVT school and with hard work and various internships I went from working in GP to working at an emergency specialty hospital in Irvine. I had the privilege of working side by side some of the best veterinarians in the country and able to assist in various specialty surgeries. Even with all the different departments I assisted in, nothing fulfilled me more than working emergency. To me, there was nothing more rewarding than assisting my vets in an ER surgery at 3 am and helping my patient recover.  No words could describe the feeling I would get from gifting the pet’s family with more time with their fur-baby. Due to my health, I had to walk away from being a vet tech, but I was very fortunate to join JustFoodForDogs Veterinary team. I continue to learn every day with our wonderful vets and I am so happy I get to continue to help cats and dogs live longer, happier lives.

INSPIRATION(S): Every Veterinarian I have ever had the opportunity to work with and learn from. They took me under their wing and pushed me and never let me give up.

PET(S): Missy, my senior Shiba Inu, and Tobi Wan Kenobi, my gentle poodle mix
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