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Custom Formulation Questionnaire

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JustFoodForDogs Formulation Information

Filling out this form is the first step in formulating a custom diet to support your veterinarian's diagnosis for your pet's specific health needs. Please fill out all fields below, be as detailed as possible, especially with the information regarding what you are currently feeding (ie: exact food formula, exact amount, # of meals per day, etc) and answer all questions thoroughly. The more detailed the information you provide, the more efficiently we can calculate your pet's needs. If you cannot answer a required field, or it does not pertain to your pet, please type "n/a".

Each questionnaire will only be considered for a single case; if you want multiple pets' cases considered or reviewed, please submit a separate questionnaire for each pet.

We have two levels of service. There is no fee to have your case(s) reviewed. If it is determined your pet needs a custom formulation, you will be contacted to collect a $250 fee (Veterinary Formulator). Reformulations cost $175.

Custom Diets are not available in the state of New York.

  • I am requesting the following service:

    Standard Veterinary Formulation ($250): Our extensively trained veterinary formulators are well versed and skilled in designing whole food custom recipes for dogs and cats. Our veterinarians will work with your pet's veterinarian to design a custom diet that best suits their medical needs. This in-house veterinary nutrition team can adequately address most cases submitted.

  • Pet Parent Information
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  • Address *
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    All prepared custom diets are shipped directly to your address. Please provide the address where you would like to receive your custom diet.

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  • Please select your preferred method of communicating.

    The formulation process is dynamic and may require that we contact you on several occasions. The best outcomes are those in which we establish a productive line of communication and work together.

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  • Primary Veterinarian Information
    Veterinarian Name (First, Last) *
  • Hospital Name *
  • Veterinarian Address *
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  • Veterinarian Phone Number *
  • Veterinarian Email*

    We will need your veterinarian's email address to share the finalized formulation with their office, please provide it if you know it. If you do not provide an email address, we will obtain it, but this could delay your process.

  • Additional Vet(s) Your Pet Sees

    Please provide the name and hospitals of all veterinarians currently involved with treating your pet.

  • Pet's Information
    Species *
  • Pet's Name *

    We will only review one pet's case per formulation questionnaire submitted. If you would like us to review multiple cases, please submit a separate questionnaire for each pet.

  • Pet's Date of Birth *

    If the exact date of birth is not known, it is acceptable to provide and estimated date of birth.

  • Breed *

    For feline breeds, you may use the abbreviations: DSH (domestic short hair) or DLH (domestic long hair) when exact breed is not known.

  • Gender *
  • Reproductive Status *
  • Current Weight (pounds)
    Please do not estimate. It is critical we have the accurate current weight.
  • Ideal/Desired Weight (pounds)
    Please confirm ideal weight with your veterinarian.
  • Describe your pet's past health history. *
  • If there are any current health issues, has your pet seen a veterinarian for a diagnosis?
    Describe in detail.
  • List all medications your pet is currently taking (if any) or has been taking recently, their dosage(s) and frequency.
  • List all supplements you use, brand, frequency and dosage.
  • Please describe in detail what brand and type/flavor of store bought food you currently feed your pet each day. *

    It is important to be detailed and accurate as we will use this information to calculate your pet's caloric needs. We need to know the exact formula you are feeding. If you are feeding a combination of formulas, please list them all.

  • Please describe in detail how much and how often you currently feed your pet each day. (e.g. 1 cup dry food daily, one 13 oz can split into 3 meals, etc). This is very important please be as specific as possible. *

    It is important to be detailed and accurate as we will use this information to calculate your pet's caloric needs. We need to know the exact amounts of food you are feeding daily. If you are feeding a combination of formulas, please list the daily feeding amount of each formula.

  • Please describe your pet's diet history over the past year if there were significant changes to the above routine.
  • List all "food extras" you add on a regular basis, frequency and amounts.
  • Is your pet allergic or sensitive to any particular food items? *
  • If yes, what food items?
  • Describe your pet's overall activity level. *
  • Are there any food ingredients you prefer to be specifically excluded? (e.g. no pork or beef, no wheat-based ingredients, etc) *

    Our formulators use only ingredients that have been shown to be effective in managing disease and all our ingredients are fit for human consumption. You may list restrictions here, however be aware the more restrictive the list, the less options our formulators will have to help your pet.

  • List any items your pet refuses to eat. *
  • List any items your pet loves especially *
  • Any other concerns you wish to see addressed or information we should be aware of? *

    Is there anything else you want us to know? You know your pet best! If there's anything that was not covered in the above field, here is your chance to let us know.

  • By checking this box you agree to be contacted by a JustFoodForDogs Nutrition Consultant *
  • Our nutrition team will work closely with your veterinarian to provide nutritional advice when appropriate, however your veterinarian retains primary case responsibility. Our advice is never meant to replace the advice of your veterinarian, as only you and your veterinarian know your pet's full medical history. Nutritional advice is provided under the direction of Dr. Oscar Chavez, BVetMed MRCVS MBA, CA licensed veterinarian, Chief Medical Officer, and professor of clinical nutrition at Cal Poly Pomona University. Dr. Chavez and his team do not examine your pet and are not acting as your pet's veterinarians. Our team is not taking medical custody of your case.

    While many pet parents have experienced excellent results with our custom diets and products, our supplements, diets, and custom diets are not meant to diagnose or cure any illnesses, and should be used under the direction and supervision of your veterinarian. Formulations and/or recipes provided are balanced or specifically designed for your pet's medical condition when prepared in our kitchens or according to our instructions. While some people have successfully prepared our recipes at home, and we have not heard of any problems, JustFoodForDogs is not liable for any damages with respect to ingredient or supplement selection, food preparation, food handling and storage, and feeding methods of any recipe. Only those knowledgeable about food preparation and handling should consider making our recipes, including custom formulations, at home. If you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to help by phone. It is recommended that your pet be evaluated by your veterinarian 3 months and 6 months after transitioning to a custom whole-food diet.

    While there is no fee to submit this form and have your case reviewed, once formulated the $250 fee is non-refundable as it covers the veterinarian's time and expertise working on your case. Once prepared, all custom diets are non-refundable. While we have great results with even the pickiest pets, if you are unsure if your pet will eat a custom recipe, this service may not be for you.

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