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Research & Development

JustFoodForDogs prides itself on being the first company to conduct scientific research at a major university on fresh prepared, whole food diets using human grade ingredients, certified, inspected, and approved by the USDA (vs. feed/farm grade ingredients which are usually found in pet food).

Recent results demonstrate that feeding JFFD’s daily diets, instead of traditional kibble, results in a statistically significant increase in circulating red blood cells, white blood cells, and immune system proteins. In short, our food is clinically shown to boost your dogs immune system (see reference materials below).

We are proud to be working with respected leaders in their field including:

  • Dr. Broc Sandelin, PhD, is a professor and Chair of the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  He leads a research team on canine whole food nutrition, including distinguished faculty from Cal Poly Pomona and Western University Health Sciences school of veterinary medicine.
  • Dr. John Tegzes, VMD, Diplomat of American Academy of Veterinary Toxicologists and professor of toxicology at Western University school of veterinary medicine.
  • Dr. Lee Allen Pettey, PhD Animal Nutrition, faculty Cal Poly Pomona
  • Ms. Sherri Reichardt, RVTg, Interim Director Animal Health Science Program Cal Poly Pomona
  • Ms. Jenifer Keating, RVTg, Graduate Student, Alumni Cal Poly Pomona
  • Animal Health Science and Animal Veterinary Science student researchers


JFFD White Paper: An Evidence-Based Analysis of the Dog Food Industry in the USA
Effects of Fresh Prepared Whole Food Canine Maintenance Diets on Clinically Measurable Blood Parameters in Healthy Dogs
Dr. John Tegzes, Commentary on JFFD Feeding Trials Research

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