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The Miracle of Patrick

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The Miracle of Patrick

Months ago we learned about the tragedy of Patrick (named Patrick after being found on St. Patricks Day), the pit bull who was abused by his owner. Patrick was lucky in the sense that unlike many others, he has lived to see a brighter day.

When we first learned about Patrick from Joan (A very cool Facebook fan and TrueFoodForDogs supporter…we pretty much love her) we knew we had to do something to help. We packed up a ton of TrueFoodForDogs in all variety’s and mailed them to his recovery location. We’re unsure if our food has been used in his recovery, but what we do know, is that he is getting better, and that’s what matters!

As of today, their is an ongoing custody battle over Patrick…We hope things are resolved in the best interest for this very cute 1 year old pup!


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