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Auto-Ship Now Available

We are excited to announce that we now offer automatic shipments of your pet’s favorite orders! This new feature offers a convenient way for customers to save time on ordering.

How It Works

It’s simple! The following pop-up will appear when you click the “Proceed to checkout” button in your shopping cart page when placing a new order.

You can then choose a preferred frequency. Your exact order will be automatically billed and delivered every 1, 2, 4, or 8 weeks.

If you wish to skip a delivery, visit your account orders page and click the “Manage” button:


Q: Is there any obligation to enroll in auto-ship?

A: Not at all. You may skip a delivery anytime before an order is processed, and you may also cancel your enrollment anytime. Currently, the easiest way to cancel is to email orders@justfoodfordogs.com or call 949-391-1489. We are working on adding the ability for you to cancel directly on your account page in the coming weeks.

Q: How far in advance can I skip a delivery?

A: The website lets you skip a delivery up to 7 days in advance of shipping. That said, if your order has not yet left our facility, we may be able to cancel it for you. Please call support at 949-391-1489.

Q: How do I add or remove items or change the frequency of a recurring order? 

A: We’re working on implementing the ability to update and edit recurring orders. Until then, our team would cancel your existing recurring order for you, and you would then place a new order with the desired items and new frequency. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Q: Why can I not see a pop up asking me if I want to enroll in auto-ship for this order?

A: Auto-ship does not support our seasonal special recipe, as it rotates every two months. If your order contains a seasonal special, it will not be eligible for auto-ship. Further, orders with a promo code applied would not be eligible for auto-ship.

Q: Can I hide the auto-ship pop up?

A: Yes. Simply choose “No” on the pop up, and then check the “Do not ask me again” box at the bottom. Please note that if you change your mind and wish to enroll in auto-ship again, you will need to delete cookies for justfoodfordogs.com. See instructions for Chrome and Safari.


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