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Our Core Values

Why and how we bring our Core Values to everything we do.

Our Reason For Being

We started JustFoodForDogs with one goal in mind: to improve the length and quality of life for as many pets as possible. We believe our pets are members of our family and deserve the same high-quality nutrition we expect for ourselves. Everything we do is focused on delivering more life, more years and more love.

This mission became our doctrine and our promise. For us, it’s not just a way of doing business- it’s a way of life.
-Shawn Buckley, Founder

Serve As Relentless Advocates For Pet Health: As the old saying goes, “If you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything.” Why should it be any different for the pets we love? At JustFoodForDogs, we always make what’s best for the pet our first priority. We are both vet-centric and evidence based in our approach to a balanced, whole-food diet.

Be Completely Transparent: Our first responsibility is to the pet, and part of meeting this commitment is to control every aspect of our mission – from prep and cooking to packaging and consultation.

Drive Change In Our Category: We’re relentlessly dedicated pioneers of health and wellness for pets and we will never, under any circumstances, stop asking our founding question: “Is there a better way?”

Base Decisions On Evidence: Never stop testing. Never stop researching. Never stop learning. Never stop educating. And, whenever possible, make our findings public so all can benefit.

Be Efficient And “Scrappy”: In a world where the marketing of a product often costs more than the product itself, we avoid these expenses and let customers tell our story and recommend us. 

Honor (Pet) Life: We love all dogs and cats, but we have a soft, warm spot for those that need rescuing. To this end, we support shelters and pet adoption programs with donations of time, money and products. We believe it’s essential to give back to the pets that need us.

Foster Teamwork And Collaboration: The team here at JustFoodForDogs understands that collaboration creates an exponential effect. It’s true synergy, where the interaction and contributions of many combine to produce positive outcomes greater than could be achieved by any one individual. We continue to find others who share this philosophy- partners, staff, veterinarians, vendors and pet parents. 

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