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Now That the Venison is Gone…


We’ll bet your dog loved that special venison holiday recipe we made over the last couple of months. But now it’s gone and your dog is looking at you like “what’s next?” or “what are you going to do for me that’s special this month?”. The answer to that is our JustFoodForDogs Pork Tenderloin and Fuji Apple Special. Handcrafted using only the freshest and finest USDA Certified for human consumption pork tenderloin, quinoa (also known as the ancient grain), kale, carrots and fuji apples this new special recipe is sure to lapped up in a hurry. Like our holiday venison special it’s available for a limited time only so come on by or give us a call and we’ll hold your order for you.

About JustFoodForDogs: We started JustFoodForDogs with one simple, primary objective – to increase the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible through the food they eat. We do two things… we make daily food and treats for healthy dogs and we custom formulate nutrients and food into very specific diets for dogs with special health issues. Dogs with liver disease, kidney disease, diabetic dogs, dogs on chemotherapy, overweight dogs, etc. All of our food is made from ingredients certified by the USDA for human consumption and we add all of the necessary nutrients to make our meals complete and balanced. Our recipes are developed by our own team which includes a veterinarian, nutritionist, pet chef and a cadre of dogs and dog lovers.

To learn more about us please visit us at or for daily updates visit us on facebook.

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