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New Full-Time Position For Dr. Oscar Chavez @JFFD

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New Full-Time Position For Dr. Oscar Chavez @JFFD

Dr. Chavez and his dog Rey_640I am very excited to join JustFoodForDogs full time so that we can continue to provide the same personalized service as we continue to grow throughout Southern California.

My own personal story of why I became a vet has to do with the impact my first pup Shadow had on me. She became sick with Parvo at 10 weeks, and I nursed her back to health at home (under my vets guidance), and when she recovered, I declared my Biology major at UC Berkeley (I was 18).

Similarly, the story behind my career move to focus on JustFoodForDogs centers around my other dog, Rey, and that story is featured in this video.

The potential impact of an animal companion to change someone’s life is a phenomenon that I never really got over. In fact, I believe the beauty of our profession is the very fact that animals do change our lives, and therefore we change, thus choosing to devote our lives to them. Our profession is a vocational profession with a deep intrinsic motivation — this is something to be very proud of as a vet, an educator, and a pet parent.

I’ve always wanted to contribute to the profession by impacting it the way it did me, the way Shadow and now Rey have impacted me. I was honored and, frankly, humbled to be entrusted to teach and lead California’s premiere veterinary technology program at Cal Poly Pomona, and now I am excited to make the next move and impact dogs nationwide with nutrition.

Dr. Oscar E Chavez DVM MBA

About JustFoodForDogs: We started JustFoodForDogs with one simple, primary objective – to increase the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible through the food they eat. All of our food is made from ingredients certified by the USDA for human consumption and we add all of the necessary nutrients to make our meals complete and balanced. Our recipes are developed by our own team which includes a veterinarian, nutritionist, pet chef and a cadre of dogs and dog lovers.

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