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Kristen Pollock, Veterinary Support Manager


Kristen Pollock

TITLE(S): Veterinary Support Manager


  • 12 years Home Depot-Customer Service Mgr.
  • 7 years REI-Customer Service
  • 6 years kennel manager
  • 6 year veterinary critical care hospital triage/reception
  • Making pets healthier with JFFD since March 2012

It was my love for dogs that got me into the veterinary field. I ended up at JFFD almost by accident, but initially to learn more about nutrition. After working six years in veterinary critical care and needing a break, I decided to check out this new company and started out part time. I told myself that this was until I could find a “real job!”  Ha! Then I quickly realized what we were all about and what an amazing company this was to work for and this became my very real career!

When researching the company, I went through the website and was impacted by the fact that we give our recipes away for free. That made me realize this company wasn’t just about making money or selling premium food – they truly care about the health of pets and believe that feeding them real food will make them healthier. I was impressed with the level of integrity in their mission. There’s truly a passion here for extending the lives of pets.

INSPIRATION(S): I’m inspired by fact that we are changing the way people think about dog food and by the success stories that they share with us. My own dog, Bella, is a JFFD success story. She had chronic digestive problems for a long time. I had switched her from a chicken kibble to a novel protein/grain free kibble and the problems decreased. Once she switched to JFFD completely, she was able to eat ANYTHING I bring home. I’ve also noticed improvements in her coat and health since putting her on our supplements: Olive Leaf Detox, Probiotic Live and Omega Plus Fish Oil. No more chronic ear or yeast infections. No more allergy injections. No more secondary infections requiring antibiotics. No more steroids!

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