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We have created a number of printed pieces that we distribute to Veterinarians, clinics and hospitals. These pieces focus on our Vet Support Diets and our Research. If you would like to download our consumer materials please go to our JustDownloads Page in the learning section of our website. For your convenience, feel free to download these digital copies:


Raw vs. Whole Food Brochure
JustFoodForDogs Product Info Brochure (Vets)

Vet Support Diet Guides & Fact Sheets

2017-18 Veterinary Guide
2017-18 Vet Guide Quick Reference Guide
2017-18 Balanced Remedy Fact Sheets
2017-18 Derm Support Fish Fact Sheets
2017-18 Hepatic Support Low Fat Fact Sheets
2017-18 Metabolic Support Low Fat Fact Sheets
2017-18 Neoplasia Support Fact Sheets
2017-18 Renal Support Low Protein Fact Sheets
2017-18 Renal Support Moderate Protein Fact Sheets
2017-18 Joint and Skin Support Fact Sheets

Supplement Guides & Fact Sheets

Calm Supplement
Skin & Allergy Care Supplement
Joint Care Supplement
Probiotic Live Supplement
Omega Plus


Please email DrChavez@justfoodfordogs.com for information on these items:

Poster: Effects of Fresh Prepared, Whole Food Canine Maintenance Diets on Clinically Measurable Blood Parameters in Healthy Dogs
JustFoodForDogs White Paper: An Evidence-Based Analysis of the Dog Food Industry in the USA

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