Just Food For Dogs – JFFD Custom Diet helps Bruno the Hero Police Dog in His Recovery

JFFD Custom Diet helps Bruno the Hero Police Dog in His Recovery

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JFFD Custom Diet helps Bruno the Hero Police Dog in His Recovery

For the last few weeks, the JFFDs team has been proudly donating a custom kangaroo and oats diet to Bruno, a hero dog who risked his own life to save his human partners when was critically shot in the jaw while in the line of duty.  He has undergone a series of successful surgeries for his injuries at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital. In one surgery, the bottom portion of his tongue was reattached and his breathing tube was removed, and in another surgery he was treated for an unrelated condition called ‘bloat’.

Bruno Hero Police Dog

It also turns out that Bruno is severely allergic to common commercial dog food ingredients, so a special diet had to be prepared, fresh so that it could be made into meatballs that he could eat.  As soon as we received the request, the customs team went straight to work in formulating Bruno’s medical diet.

Specialists and veterinarians in Southern California send custom formulation cases to us on a regular basis so that we can custom tailor a diet to meet a dog’s specific medical needs.  Since the food is fresh prepared from real USDA certified ingredients, the same quality as you would use in your own kitchen, the diets are usually very well accepted by the patients, aiding in their recoveries.  We at JustFoodForDogs are very proud of the success and effectiveness of our custom formulation program.

The process for Bruno is the same as for other patients:  When we received the request via the online questionnaire, our team collects more information from the veterinarian and/or the pet parent, if needed.  Then, on instruction of the dog’s veterinarian, Dr. Chavez formulates the diet taking all the patients’ special needs into consideration, and our compounding manager Danny Xu mixes up the specific nutrients on Thursdays in our compounding lab.  Every Friday and Saturday our kitchen is busy cooking the diets.  They are finally delivered in the pet parents’ hands by Monday.

JustFoodForDogs Custom Formulation Compounding

According to the hospital team, Bruno loves his new food and since it was delivered on Saturday, March 30th, Bruno’s condition has been upgraded to fair. His life threatening wounds seem to have stabilized.  He is due to make a long, but steady recovery.

Blog post written by:

Dr. Oscar E Chavez DVM MBA
Member American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition
Tel: 866.726.9509 ext 728

About JustFoodForDogs: We started JustFoodForDogs with one simple, primary objective – to increase the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible through the food they eat. All of our food is made from ingredients certified by the USDA for human consumption and we add all of the necessary nutrients to make our meals complete and balanced. Our recipes are developed by our own team which includes a veterinarian, nutritionist, pet chef and a cadre of dogs and dog lovers. To learn more about us please visit us at justfoodfordogs.com or for daily updates visit us on facebook.


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