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Dr. Sierra Adams Friedman, DVM, Cert. WFF (Canine & Feline)

NAME: Sierra Adams Friedman

TITLE(S): DVM, Cert. WFF (Canine & Feline)

CAREER PROGRESSION: I had the incredible good fortune of growing up with grandparents who raised horses. Besides horses, we had miniature horses, miniature donkeys, alpacas, emus, chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, guinea pigs, rabbits, cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds, doves, finches, canaries, goldfish….and of course cats and dogs! I grew up having conversations with my furred and feathered friends, and always knew I wanted to work with animals. I volunteered in vet clinics and animal shelters throughout high school, and in college I majored in Animal Science. I had that same fear that so many aspiring veterinarians have, though–that I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing animals in pain every day. It took me another two years of working as a veterinary technician to decide that for me, everything I saw on a daily basis was worth it to be able to make a difference in the lives of so many animals. That was when I applied to veterinary school.

In vet school, I was an enthusiatic student and an active member of as many clubs as I could cram into my schedule. I was an officer for the Emergency club and the Behavior club, and I earned the Gold Certificate from the Veterinary Business Management Association. In 2016-2017 I will be completing an internship at Pet Specialists of Monterey. I continue to be interested in all aspects of veterinary medicine, and love what I’m doing with my life!

INSPIRATION(S): As an individual with a chronic disease and multiple food allergies myself, I have a very personal interest in nutrition. I’ve long since looked into the literature and been convinced of the benefits of a whole food, minimally processed diet for humans–so the first time one of my professors spoke to us about JustFoodForDogs, I was hooked! It just makes so much sense to me to have wholesome, fresh, minimally processed and perfectly balanced diets for our beloved furry companions. Accustomed as I am to managing my own disease process by carefully monitoring my diet, to allow me to minimize the amount of drugs I need, custom diet formulation for cats and dogs with multiple disease processes seemed only logical. Nutrition is not heavily emphasized in most vet school curriculums, apart from knowing the commercial products available and the pitfalls of a raw food diet, so meeting the people and concepts of JFFD really changed my worldview of appropriate nutrition for pets.

  • Foxtrot, or “the foxy babe” is a cheerful and outgoing 6 year old female spayed torbie (calico tabby) who desperately wants to be a fat cat. She greets me at the door every evening (demanding food) and walks on a leash and harness as well as any cat I’ve ever met. She loves people, and will snuggle, and dance, and sweet-talk you all day, but don’t fall for it, she’s on a permanent diet!
  • Brilliant (aka “the dude”) is a 5 year old male neutered orange and white tabby cat. He is deviously clever and lives up to his name by turning off light switches! However, he is sometimes called “the imaginary cat” because he is so shy about meeting new people that he vanishes when the doorbell rings!
  • Lima, Sapphire, Sockhop, and Argent are a cheerful flock of Australian parakeets. Sapphire is the oldest, at about 16, and was raised by my grandmother. Lima I hand-raised from a tiny chick, when her parents weren’t taking care of her. Sockhop and Argent are the newest additions, but fit right into our feathery family! Yes, Foxtrot and Sockhop are a reference to the song “Firefly” by Owl City.
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