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Dr. Shazia Ghani Jolissaint DVM, Cert. WFF (Canine & Feline)

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Dr. Shazia Ghani Jolissaint DVM, Cert. WFF (Canine & Feline)

NAME: Shazia Ghani Jolissaint

TITLE(S): DVM, Cert. WFF (Canine & Feline)

CAREER PROGRESSION: As a child, I grew up with a very large and diverse family. We had the family dog that loved everyone. The family cat that was very picky about affection, and mostly stuck with my sister. We also found a baby pigeon that fell out of her nest. Years later, she was still my buddy that would fly around the neighborhood during the day and stroll into her house at night when we’d call her. As I got older I started volunteering at the local animal clinic. Working at the clinic not only increased my knowledge in animal healthcare, but my love for animals. My family soon grew when I found so many animals needed homes. I adopted two cats, a dog, parakeets, chickens, a pymgy goat, and two Asian water dragons. I loved all their unique personalities.

I attended UC Santa Cruz for my undergraduate career, later earning a B.S. in Marine Biology. During my years at UCSC, I volunteered at a number of wildlife facilities working both with marine and terrestrial wildlife. I also had my darling daughter, Leyla whom I shared many hiking and wildlife watching adventures with. I worked for three years at an allergen company in quality assurance. I soon found out I got into veterinary school at Western University of Health Sciences. A few months later I had my sweet little boy, Charlie, and was off to veterinary school. I graduated in May 2016 and am working at Acacia Pet Clinic in my hometown of San Jose, CA. I am currently finishing up a Master’s in Public Health with the University of Minnesota.

INSPIRATION(S): When my dad found out he had to take a number of different medications for his diabetes and high cholesterol, he was determined to find a better way to manage his medical needs. He altered his diet by cutting out processed foods and eating well-balanced meals. Within only a few weeks, he started to see an overall health improvement, and needed fewer medications. I was inspired to see how nutrition can be such a practical aspect in our everyday lives. Eating the right foods in a balanced diet builds a strong foundation in order to maintain health or even manage a disease.

  • When my daughter was two yrs. old, she found a kitten, named him Ne Ne Wymes and eight years later they are still inseparable.
  • Mama Kitty, is a wise mother we found 5 yrs ago delivering her kittens in my car. She slipped through an open window in my car when it was parked outside my house. We found homes for all the kittens and she stayed with us.
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