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Dr. Kendra Scheibe, DVM, Cert. WFF (Canine & Feline)


NAME: Kendra Bettis Scheibe

TITLE(S): Regiona Medical Director, DVM, Cert. WFF (Canine & Feline)

CAREER PROGRESSION: As most children do, I grew up loving animals. Our family included cats, a rabbit, salamanders and fish. In third grade, I wrote my first story book and in the author bio I shared that I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. By the time I was in college, unfortunately I had lost sight of this goal. I earned a degree in biology, and knew I loved science and medicine, but I had misplaced my passion. After college, I pursued a career with a startup internet company and really enjoyed the challenge and pace of developing a company from scratch. However, everything soon changed when a small brown puppy came into my life. When I became that puppy’s mommy, my goals became crystal clear. What better way to merge my love for animals with science and medicine than to become a veterinarian! I knew that I was destined to join the profession and was so grateful that I found my true calling. During veterinary school, I especially enjoyed being a member of the board of the Veterinary Business Management Association. I earned a Silver certificate in the national program for completing requirements in a variety of business categories.

INSPIRATION(S): Now, I find my inspiration from my business training as well as my developed fondness of nutrition. My interest in nutrition began when my husband and I welcomed our daughter Fiona during veterinary school. I felt it was my responsibility to instill healthy eating habits so she had the best possible fuel for her tiny growing body. I truly believe nutrition can be the best medicine and this is why I became a certified Whole Food Formulation. I am so thrilled about creating food that allows dogs to thrive because I believe it’s an amazing gift to be able to enhance a dog’s life which, in turn, can greatly impact the lives of his people.  Now, I have my dream job of educating families and making high quality nutrition available to as many pups as possible.

  • Louee: Louee is that very special brown labrador mix that changed my life. It has been 8 years since we rescued him and he is living the dream playing ball and sleeping in the bed. Louee spends plenty of time getting dressed up by his 3 year old human sister – he looks especially lovely in jewelry.
  • Petey: Porker Pete is a 6 year old meaty orange kitty whom I rescued from San Diego as a kitten. He was found in a dumpster and nicknamed “Dumpster Dan”. He lives up to that name and never misses the opportunity to enjoy a snack.
  • Fox: Foxy is a dashing 6 year old long hair orange beauty who came from a cat rescue. He enjoys strutting his stuff while sporting a lion cut hairdo. He is extra fond of Louee and pals around with him every day.
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