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Dr. Chavez Joins JFFD’s Canine Nutrition Team

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Dr. Chavez Joins JFFD’s Canine Nutrition Team

Dr. Chavez Joins the JFFD Canine Nutrition Team

JustFoodForDogs is pleased to announce the addition of a new Staff Veterinarian and Professor of Canine Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Oscar E. Chavez, DVM to our Canine Nutrition team. A graduate of the Royal Veterinary College in London, UK, Dr. Chavez, holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVetMed), a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), and is a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS). In addition to working with us at JFFD, Dr. Chavez leads undergraduate level courses within the College of Agriculture’s Animal Science and Animal Health Science curricula at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Prior to accepting his tenure-track appointment teaching university students, Dr. Chavez, served as the Certified Chief of Staff and Lead Veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital in Huntington Beach, California.

Dr. Chavez will lead JustFoodForDogs’ Canine Nutrition Team as the demand for our custom formulations for dogs with special needs grows.

Dr. Chavez notes, “Over half of the dogs in this country experience, some form of health issues and many of these can be addressed through diet. Canine nutrition is of the utmost importance in both keeping your dog healthy and when their health is challenged. I’m thrilled to join the team at JustFoodForDogs as we continue to grow and meet the need for our custom formulation diets using whole foods and supplement blends. Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of canine nutrition and bring a simple, fast and affordable solution to as many pet parents and their dogs as possible.”

JFFD’s Founder Shawn Buckley is very excited to welcome Dr. Chavez to our growing team of canine experts.  “Dr. Chavez brings not only deep technical expertise but a true love for dogs that all of us here share”.

About JustFoodForDogs: We started JustFoodForDogs with one simple, primary objective – to increase the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible through the food they eat. We do two things… we make daily food and treats for healthy dogs and we custom formulate nutrients and food into very specific diets for dogs with special health issues. Dogs with liver disease, kidney disease, diabetic dogs, dogs on chemotherapy, overweight dogs, etc. All of our food is made from ingredients certified by the USDA for human consumption and we add all of the necessary nutrients to make our meals complete and balanced. Our recipes are developed by our own team which includes a veterinarian, nutritionist, pet chef and a cadre of dogs and dog lovers.

To learn more about us please visit us at justfoodfordogs.com or for daily updates visit us on facebook.

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