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We have a number of printed pieces that we distribute to inquiring minds. For your convenience, feel free to download these digital copies:

General Information Brochures

JustFoodForDogs Pet Parent Guide
JustFoodForDogs Core Values
A Fresh Approach to Nutrition – JustFoodForDogs
A Fresh Approach to Feline Nutrition – JustFoodForCats
Custom Formulations
Fetch: JustFoodForDogs delivery/shipping/will call Services Brochure
Raw vs. Cooked, Fresh Whole Food Brochure

Veterinary Supplement Brochures

Calm Veterinary Supplement: Natural stress reliever for high-anxiety dogs or tense situations
Joint Care Veterinary Supplement: Supports and protects joint tissue
Joint Care Plus Veterinary Supplement: Proven stronger joint support with Collagen type II and Hyaluronic acid
Skin & Allergy Care Veterinary Supplement: Supports the immune system against allergies, infections and tear staining
Omega Plus Veterinary Supplement: Promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat
Probiotic Live Veterinary Supplement: Supports digestion and promotes a healthy intestinal flora

Do-It-Yourself Cooking Guides

Beef & Russet Potato Recipe
Chicken & White Rice Recipe
Fish & Sweet Potato Recipe
Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe
Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni Recipe
Venison & Squash Recipe

Daily Diet Fact Sheets

Beef & Russet Potato Facts
Chicken & White Rice Facts
Fish & Sweet Potato Facts
Lamb & Brown Rice Facts
Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni Facts
Venison & Squash Facts
Feline Fish & Chicken Facts


JustFoodForDogs White Paper: An Evidence-Based Analysis of the Dog Food Industry in the USA

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