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Danny Xu, BS Animal Health Science


NAME: Danny Xu

TITLE(S): Compounding Manager, Veterinary Assistant

CAREER PROGRESSION: I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2013 with a BS in Animal Health Science and was nominated for the Animal Health Science Dr.Becker Award. Throughout my college years, I have interned at small animal clinics and emergency clinics. I started working with JFFD around November of 2013, so it was a couple months after graduation and I couldn’t be happier having a career working with JFFD. What drew me to a career working with animals is ever since I was a kid, every animal that I saw, rather it be wild or someone’s pet, I would have a strong desire to pet and play with it. That desire has not changed, I still want to pet all the animals. Besides the nutritional aspect, surgery has always interest me. I always enjoyed being the veterinary assistant during a surgery. As a matter of fact, the surgery class at Cal Poly was my most favorite course. I didn’t mind getting up before the sun to get to school during that quarter. My future plan is to definitely get my RVT license and become some sort of certified nutritionist in the veterinary field (need to look into this to see what my options are). I would love to one day learn how to formulate custom diets (although seeing the excel spread sheets from the interns have scared me).

INSPIRATION(S): I joined JFFD because my dog Biscuit was one of the dogs that was on the feeding trial. Before the feeding trial, I thought only kibble and wet food were the only thing available for dogs (and cats). Even when I took the nutrition course at CPP, we only went over kibble and wet food. Alternative feeding was not discussed. My motivation for coming into work is knowing that I’m helping dogs get healthy through food. Hearing all the awesome stories about how the food has changed (and saved) someone’s dog’s life never gets old. Some of the best stories is hearing that a dog can reduce the medication it was previous on and in some cases, no longer need to be on medication due to the custom diet being able to manage illness.

PET(S): Throughout childhood, I’ve had many pets including birds, chickens, rabbits and turtles, and dogs. I currently have 1 dog; Biscuit. I got him when he was 2 months old as my 22nd birthday present from my best friend.

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