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Dr. Dan Su, MS DVM Cert. WFF (Canine)


NAME: Dan Su

TITLE(S): MS, DVM, Cert. WFF (Canine)

CAREER PROGRESSION: I have always loved learning about animals.  As a child, I was a huge fan of zoos, animal books, videos, anything animals related.  So it came naturally that when I was college I picked the pre-veterinary tract.  My interest in veterinary nutrition developed during veterinary school because of its importance in animal wellness and its significance in the human-animal bond.  In addition to nutrition, I am also interested emergency medicine, internal medicine, and will receive additional training after graduation at ASEC in Los Angeles.  In the future I wish to pursue a residency in veterinary nutrition.

INSPIRATION(S): I have an interest in veterinary nutrition because of the importance nutrition plays in an animal’s overall well being.  Nutritional therapy was not a big part of my veterinary education, therefore I took the initiative to rotate through nutrition departments at different veterinary schools in addition to JFFD to see the different approaches to nutritional therapy that each establishment takes.  The appeal of whole food diets to me is that we can utilize minimally processed, fresh ingredients to provide nutrition to pets while avoiding obstacles posed by larger scale manufacturing of dry food.  For both human or animal diets, it is hard to argue against the benefits of whole foods being healthier than processed foods!  I plan to use the certification to formulate diets that benefit the animals and their owners, while learning more about how disease processes can be managed with nutritional therapy.

PET(S): I have a small black and white terrier mix named Biscuit.  He’s a rambunctious, active little dog that we adopted from the shelter where my wife volunteers at.  Since we try to give him healthy snacks, he’ll actually do tricks for vegetables!

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