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13 Years Old


A little bit about Biscuit
This is the cheerful face of a 13-year old Maltese who was purchased from a pet shop as a puppy, and then thrown out on the streets of Costa Mesa, CA as a senior dog. His name is Biscuit. He was picked up by an employee of JustFoodForDogs who saw him looking lost in the middle of the street. She brought him to JFFD and we asked our vet to give him a check up. He was soon rushed over to the The Fuzzy Pet Foundation -.

Fuzzy Pet scanned Biscuit for a microchip and they traced it back to a working phone number. Unbelievably, a young woman answered, and quite matter-of-factly explained she “let him go” because she could not keep him anymore. She no longer wanted the burden of caring for an “old dog.”

Despite having a slew of health problems, Biscuit is still full of energy and spirit. For this reason, Fuzzy Pet wants to give him a fighting chance at life and we want to help. He may only live for another couple years, but Fuzzy Pet wants to make his limited time on this Earth as happy and comfortable as possible. Biscuit needs major dental work (from having never seen a vet… this according to the previous owner!), additional blood work and x-rays, and possible medications for Cushing’s disease and a grade 2 heart murmur. As such, Fuzzy Pet are seeking donations for his care and treatment.

Biscuit will be available for adoption soon. But even if he doesn’t get adopted, Biscuit will be loved and cared for by Fuzzy Pet for the rest of his life. Thank you Fuzzy Pet Foundation. You are wonderful people doing a spectacular things.

Biscuit’s Happy Ending…

We wanted to update you on Biscuit, the 13 year old maltese that a JFFD employee found wondering the streets of Costa Mesa after his human mom “let her go” because she did not have the tolerance to deal with “an old dog”… this according to the human mom herself after she was contacted using the information from the chip that Biscuit had. Unbelievable. Well – her loss. We took Biscuit to our vet, had him checked out and delivered him (along with a $1,000 cash donation from JFFD) to The Fuzzy Pet Foundation in Santa Monica. This is a wonderful organization that did not hesitate one bit to take on the responsibility and expense of caring for Biscuit until he found his forever home… and that didn’t take long! Biscuit is now living the life of a prince, along with his chihuahua sister in Aliso Viejo. Biscuit’s mom is retired so she has plenty of time to walk and play with these two dogs; she also has a dedicated, knowledgeable vet who will make sure Biscuit lives out a comfortable and healthy life. Biscuit has a voracious appetite, and his mom always gives Biscuit two yummy treats in between his meals.
If you would like to know more about our friends at TFPF, or better yet, make a donation please visit them at https://www.facebook.com/TFPF.org.



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