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More life.
More years.
More love.
Hand crafted food for your pets,
so they can live a longer,
happier, healthier life.

Our Story

The single most important element to a Pet’s life (after he has found the love of his human) is his daily diet.

The food you put in your pet’s body, more than anything else, will determine his future health, happiness, energy level and perhaps even his vet bills. We do three things here – we make healthy food for dogs and healthy food for cats daily, we make a line of prescription food for dogs with specific illnesses and we make custom formulations for sick dogs and cats. And we do it all using ingredients that are 100% certified for human consumption by the USDA. We cook our food minimally in order to maximize the nutritional value and we do it in one of our four kitchens: Newport Beach, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and Manhattan Beach, California. Our food is also available in our Pantry locations: Capistrano Beach, Downtown Los Angeles, Anaheim Hills, and Long Beach, California. Our method is much more hands on, it takes longer and costs more but it retains the nutritional value of the ingredients and, in our view, makes it the best food in the world for your dog.

Vets & Sick Dogs

A whole food diet is never more important
for your dog than when his health is challenged.

We provide a variety of solutions, including supplements for dogs, to support
your dog’s health and well being.


At JustFoodForDogs we never stop learning.

We are constantly researching dog health and dog nutrition
and we teach pet parents about it in our dog kitchens and pantries.
We are constantly experimenting
with new healthy food ideas,
studying the dog food industry and dog food brands.


We opened JustFoodForDogs in January 2011 and thanks
to all of you it has been a massive success from day one.

Over the past three years we have made a genuine effort to help dogs in need.
On occasion we have organized fund raising for the benefit of rescues
but more often we have simply donated our own time, effort and cash.

Cooked Fresh.

At JustFoodForDogs we start with the highest quality, USDA certified meats, fresh vegetables and whole grains – all of which are approved for human consumption. We gently cook our products to the minimum temperature levels, maximizing the nutritional delivery to your dog.
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Packaged Frozen.

Cooking with fresh ingredients and instantly freezing is a far superior method of making food for dogs because the nourishment is not lost in the process. At JustFoodForDogs we never use any preservatives and our food is vacuum sealed and frozen immediately to lock in the nutrients that are available naturally in unprocessed food.
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Delivered to your door.

JustFoodForDogs can be picked up, shipped almost anywhere in the country, or we can deliver directly to your home or office in most parts of Orange County or Los Angeles. If you live in the area and would like for us to make and deliver your order regularly we can easily open an account for you with just your contact and payment information.
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Just From You

Samson and Zoey

We are just trying your food for the first time - and Samson and Zoey have licked their bowls clean for their last two meals - don't get me wrong as labs - they have always loved their food - but I swear - they love your fish and sweet potato more than anything!!! Thanks so much!

Jenith M

Gidget Love.

Gidget is another senior boxer girl who found herself alone and out of time at the high kill SEACCA shelter during the deadly week of 4th of July. Sachi Animal Rescue had gone to get two boxers and left with all 5 in need. Her sad snow face and flying nun ears had us at hello. She was released on a medical waiver and went straight to our vet. She was treated for a UTI and then underwent surgery to remove a mammary tumor and get spayed and the dreaded wait for the biopsy results begun. Sadly, her tumor came back as malignant and further diagnostics broke our hearts. Her cancer has already spread to her lungs.

We dried our tears and rolled up our rescue sleeves vowing to do what is best for our darling Gidgey girl and that is to shower her in love and comfort. We have to remind ourselves that Gidget doesn't know her diagnosis and has much to teach us in her ability to just live gratefully in the moment. She is in a loving foster home and already feeling relief from treatment for her arthritis pain and a comfy ortho bed. She is relishing her Just Food for Dogs Neoplasia diet and not complaining about her supplements that we hope will slow the progress of the cancer. After spending her life neglected and used to make puppies over and over again, she deserves to know what it means to be loved, to be given the best life has to offer.

Heather Jones
cooked fresh
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